Monday, June 29, 2009

Sea Urchin

My Sea Urchin is designed around the concept of an "art book".  Each "page" represents a stage in the life of a sea urchin from larvae to washed up dead shell on the beach.  Each sea urchin has a unique pattern of spines.  The urchin is made up of 10 separate plates, which when view by the human eye look like a perfect pentagon - hence the five "pages" of my book.

Taking it to the extreme!

Another bowl - so many holes this time it's a wonder it still can keep its shape!  This bowl used 8 Kilometers of thread!! The design is based on drain holes hence its title; Flowering From The Drain".

This is the second of the "bowl series", LEAVES.  This time even more stitching was included and more holes made.  The result is not one more stitch can be added!!

Here are some finished designs

The first of my "bowl" series, FISHES was an attempt to see how far I could stitch an object, cut and it still retain it's shape. The outside thread is a slightly different colour to the inside thread.  It has been stitched from both sides.