Thursday, October 21, 2010


This coat was the result of a wonderful workshop with Catherine O'Leary. My efforts were in vain during the lessons as none of the silk would adhere properly to the needle felted batts. So I ended up making a sample piece which I brought home and added to with more sample pieces. The resulting jacket is a work that I will wear myself. Peter even said it looked beautiful!! High praise from him!

Lessons with Catherine O'Leary

Fibre Forum in Geelong was a real blast. Had a whole week working with Catherine O'Leary - my favourite felt artist!! It was such a treat. We learned to do three dimensional felt sculptures.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Experimentation with Eco-Dyeing

It seems that the water, together with the time of year that leaves are collected and a hundred myriad of other possibilities affects the colour that you can get from indigeneous vegetation. So I have posted a couple of pictures to show what I have achieved to date!

India Flint workshop

Recently went to an India Flint workshop at Beautiful Silks in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It was a revelation! I am now experimenting with a friend using eco-dyeing techniques. We are having a wonderful time. Haven't been able to achieve any consistency yet with the colours but am working hard to achieve this!