Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Garden Photos

These photos show the development of the garden in Bodalla; taken in September.  Nigel you will see how well your trees grew in the first few weeks of being planted.

Things have really progressed since these photos.  The strawberries have been producing up a kilo of strawberries per day. YUM!  We have also picks kilos of broad beans, lettuce and spinach as well as rhubarb.  Now we need to weed desperately and harvest all the potatoes and garlic.  Then I will plant summer crops.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Heron Island

Thank you Mum and Dad for giving us all the gift of going to stay at Heron Island.  It was VERy special!  We all had a wonderful time with each other.  It was great to have such a lovely family gathering!  Here are some photos!!

Heron Island

Waiting Patiently at Gladstone airport for the taxis to collect us!

A New Garden in Bodalla

Many people have requested photos of the new garden in Bodalla. So here they are attached!! We have attempted to beat the wallabies, roos and other fauna as well as the salt wind by purchasing 1/2 an acre in Bodalla. It is just 10 minutes away - a place where we can grow vegies and fruit!

We have worked like dogs to get it to this stage and are very proud of our efforts! It has a wonderful shed on it as well, which is now my "wet studio". It comes completed with a small bathroom with shower toilet and hand basin. Has a small kitchenette and is fully lined with a concrete floor. PERFECT!!!!