Friday, July 26, 2013

Lamington NP

Lamington National Park is a world heritage area in the southernmost part of Queensland. Our aim was to visit the famous O'Reilly Guest House, located in this amazing mountain range.


The ridge of mountains that form the edge of Lamington NP are referred to as the "Rim". A ancient volcano has eroded to sheer rock faces and created an awe-inspiring ring on the southern edge. We stayed at the Green Mountain Camping site.

Here we encountered the very clever local bird life that attempted to raid the campers at everry opportunity!

It was SO cold the night of our stay that we set off to find the restaurant at O'Reilly's just so we could get warm!

Janice very kindly lent me 2 extra woolen jumpers and a woolen scarf!


Here is Janice in all her layers walking along the Tree Top Walk.

Dinner was superb! We delayed our departure for as long as possible. Don and Peter retreated to the camper to down several glasses of port. Janice and Sue left for a night walk to the glow worms.

The mountain has old growth temperate rain forest with enormous buttress rooted trees with many species of native orchids, bird nest, staghorn and other ferns.



Hat Head and Bundjalung National Parks

Our first night in the camper was in the idyll setting of Hat Head NP. Untouched magnificent coastline for a far a you could see. It was freezing that first night with a frost and condensation on the inside of the canvas.


So a trip to a camping store ensured much happier campers with the purchase of some mono-cell foam.

Woody Head camping ground in Bundjalung NP also magnficent, with lots more infrastructure including "hot" showers.