Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eurobodalla Fibre Textile Artist Group Exhibition

I have been working out of my comfort zone to create some items for this show. The title of the exhibition is "au Naturel". This to honour International Year of natural fibres. So I have had to use natural fibres rather than my normal man-made fibres. This is the result


  1. The next piece is called "Hidden Agenda". It is created from silk and hangs to catch the breeze. It is an attempt to understand the misunderstandings created by people unintentionally.

    "Cocoons" is created from hand-made paper made from local plants.It is an experimental piece!

    Lime Green and Royal Blue felted necklace is next.

    Lastly a pair of handknitted and felted Jeste's slippers.

  2. A friend came to the studio just before the exhibition and "fell in love" with the black evening shawl. Her partner is buying it for Christmas for her! A grandmother and father bought the jester slippers for one of their grand daughters. They wanted another pair for the other grand daughter!