Sunday, August 30, 2015

We arrived at Santiago Airport at almost exactly the same time as we had left the SAME day. So basically we lost 24 hours after crossing the International dateline.
The Andes were very clear above the clouds but as soon as we descended, the local ever-present haze obliterated any views of them.
Our Hotel - Vegas, is in the old section of the city with narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful old Spanish mansions. A two hour walk before dinner was a great idea and ensured a much needed sleep, when we arrived back at the hotel after experiencing a typical Chilean meal. A delicious entrée of garlic scallops, shrimps and octopus were sensational. Seafood and plenty of red meat appears to be the order of the day. Peter followed his entrée with barbequed goat.
Fresh fruit stalls and juice stands ensured a great dose of vitamin C.
Flying out of Santiago we saw the Andes clearly for the first time.

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