Monday, August 22, 2016

Gary Junction Road, Jupiter Well to somewhere before Punmu

We arrived at Glen Helen Station and were very glad that we had booked both a night in the restaurant and a camp site because the whole place was fully booked out. The Larpartinta Run was on, so runners and their support crews and trainers were all ensconsed in and around the homestead. On some campsites near us there were more that 5 people to a site, so it was confined living at its worst. Only Four showers and toilets for men and the same for women. There were several hundred people there. Each night there us an optional buffet dinner. The queue to this was very long and it took some time for everyone to get served. Thank goodness we has booked to eat in the restaurant with a la carte!

From Glen Helen Station, where we dined in luxury in the gold-plated restaurant we had to drive past Kintore. No travellers are allowed to camp on the Aboriginal lands between Papunya and Kintore.

A night in the bush beside the road after Kintore was really beautiful, beside a disused gravel pit.

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