Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daly Waters

Daly Waters

Our next stop was Daly Waters.  We stayed in the caravan park behind the Day Waters Hotel. Very dry and dusty with an historic pub built in 1930. The interior of the pub is filled with souvenirs and memorabilia from visiting tourists.  Above the bar, to the left, are bras of every conceivable shape, size and colour.  To the right,"ditto", but knickers!
There were caps, signed towels, business cards and passport photos, a wall of bank notes from all over the world.

Amusing signs inside and outside the pub, gave the rules for entry.  "Angle Parking - Park any angle you want"; (with a parking meter and traffic light outside to assist); "Dogs, please read, you're not allowed in here"; "Everything here, not made in China"; "MacDonalds Drive Through, 287klms->", etc

Daly Waters boasts that it had the first International Airport in Australia.  During world war 2, the American and Australian air forces were based here.  There is a remnant hangar with old qantas planes housed within.

The pub has a lovely swimming pool, which after a long hot drive was particularly welcoming.

We had an enormous outback breakfast in the morning.

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