Monday, October 3, 2011

Barkley Homestead

Barkly Homestead

Some 300 odd kilometers or so we turned off the Stuart Highway onto the Barkly Highway and headed towards Barkly Homestead.  

Most stations in the outback are now taking some advantage from the enormous numbers of visitors to the outback.  Barkly Homestead is no exception.  It has a very well run roadhouse with attached bar and restaurant, frequented by all the road trains, as well as cabins and caravan park.

Set in lovely verdant gardens, with a pool, it is a welcoming place to stop.  Many of the "free" wayside stops, by contrast, have no toilets, and so can be quite disgusting with toilet paper and excrement lying everywhere.

We found a suitably shady spot away from everyone else and enjoyed restful stop.

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