Thursday, July 24, 2014


The dilemma was ..........?

To turn left or right at Bungendore?

A right and then a left turn ensured a by-pass of Canberra. Onto the Lachlan Valley Highway and then the Mitchell Highway, arrival in Wellington (not far from Dubbo), was met at the local service station with apprehension when a local cattle buyer told us that the local population had a reputation for violence and that walking on the street at night should not be undertaken! The regional prison is located in the town with some pretty awful clients; their families and friends reside in the town.

Dinner at the local pub was magnificent and we did walk! A night in e lcal motel was an excellent choice because it rained heavily in the night.

We will travel up north to warmer places, quickly and slow our pace once the weather improves.

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