Saturday, September 28, 2013

Menindee and Ivanhoe

Broken Hill to Menindee and Kinchega National Park, was just over an hour in travel time. The National Park is on the lake system created by the Darling River as it travels inland. It is a birdlife sanctuary in an area curently stricken by drought.

Kinchega previously was a pastoral lease, so boasts a truly magnificent old shearing and wool shed.

The park had some lovely campsites besides the Darling River, but it was a little too early to set up camp for the day. We didn't want to sit amongst the flies for eight or so hours, so toured around the park noting suitable sites for a future occasion.

Our intention had been to go to Mungo, but we are tired and it's time to head for home. So we headed off to Ivanhoe on some more dirt!

We were very unimpressed by this town. The publican was dour and grumpy and closed the doors at 7:00pm to attend a birthday party. Local people unfriendly. Nothing else was open.

In the morning the ladies showers were stone cold!!

Gundagai tonight - home tomorrow!!!


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