Sunday, September 22, 2013


More aridness and grey- yellow ground. Lots of roadwork.

Here is an artisan bore pouring water into a pond for the road crew to use on the roads to make them more hard wearing.

The water creates an oasis in the desert, which is frequented by many and varied birds.

Close to the Birdsville track are many ruins. Some of the buildings were old homesteads and others old stations that were on the old Ghan Railway.

Famous along the Birdsvile track are Waddi Trees. This is the notice from Boulia about these trees.

But the biggest remaining stand of these trees is sixteen kms north of Birdsville.

Not much was open in Birdsville when we arrived. The bakery served the most extraordinary range of pies, including rabbit stew, lambshank, kangaroo in port wine and curried camel. Peter and I both chose curried camel, which were delicious.

A visit to the famous Birdsville Hotel was in order.....

Peter wanted to be able to say at he'd had a beer in it!
We stayed in the Birdsville Caravan park, which is beside a man-made billabong. The town electricity is supplied through geothermal power station. After being used through the turbines the water is then pumped through to the town water supply. The excess wate flows through a bore drain into the billabong.
The billabong is a haven for birds and mosquitoes alike!


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