Friday, September 13, 2013


Great historical outback town! We loved this place!! Very typical and old fashioned outback welcome from all the locals. Fascinating history; in its heyday it boasted 39 pubs! It was the fourth largest town in Queensland!

Everyone here is so incredibly proud of their heritage and it shows in the cleanliness and tidiness everywhere!

Just behind our camper we found this magnificent bower! Great pride was taken by the bird who came at regular intervals to adjust his pieces of brken glass. The red at the side was very eye catching. It was so attractive to the other bower birds that the owner had to oeep chasing away other males who were trying to claim it as their own!

Some photos of the beautiful historical precinct of Croydon! Entry to all museums, buildings and videos was free.

We spent a leisurely morning wandering through the town and soaking up the history.

A specially designed house that sucks in all the breezes and pushes the hot air out through the top. Very necessary in summer temperatures of up to 53 degrees C. Used up until very recently. The owner regrets her decision to have a new house as it is fa less


As we walked passed the jail, someone started coughing! This old fellow then sarted to speak to us!


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