Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alpana Sheep Station

We drove through Chambers Gorge; on the side of Mt Chamber and still in the Northern Flinders Ranges, hoping to find somewhere to camp, but the only designated camping area had lots of people already ensconced there. It was also a bit early in the day and we didn't want to sit amongst the flies for the rest of the day, which are at plague proportions in this area at the moment, due to the rain!

Another pucture occured on the road to Alpana Sheep Station From Arkaroola, only we didn't notice until we reached the homestead, where we heard a wind escaping noise and realised the tyre was deflating!

Everyone on the farm was out, so we took the opportunity to change it while we waited. David, the farmer rocked up just as we had loosened the wheel nuts and kindly lent us his pneumatic jack, making the job much quicker and easier.

Here we decided a private ensuited site would be a luxury. So a delightful place, set in the desert, beauty all around, serene and peaceful.


Here we met artist Denis Clarke, who was staying for a week to paint.


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