Saturday, September 14, 2013


Brolgas on road to Karumba thousands of them! Also hundreds of Bustards! Very, very dry and arid!! Dusty treeless plains strerching as far as the eye can see! Very desolate!!
We drove to Karumba Point to check out the camping at the caravans parks there. They were incredibly crowded, so we opted to stay at the less popular Gulf caravan park at Karumba itself.
From here we caught a croc, bird and sunset watch tour.
Photos from the croc boat!
The midges and sandflies could take you away! Peter has some huge scars to prove that we spent the night here!
Amazingly in the park, we met another couple, Helen and Peter who also own a Tailgate Camper. There's was the first camper made and ours one of the most recent. Not much has changed re design since Noel first started building them.
Two Tailgate Campers meeting!


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