Friday, September 20, 2013

Boulia and Bedourie

In Mt Isa, there is an interactive display of many of the fossils found at Riversleigh.

The land became drier and drier the further we moved from the Gregory River. Great stretches of red sand with patches of pure white pebbles in large stretches

Boulia is a remarkable small outback town. Very proud locals keep it spotless and watered, so it's green. It boasts an Information Centre with sound and light show of the Min Min. It also has a wonderful museum in The Stone House


Around the side of the museum, we found a piece of space junk!

But around the back came the biggest surprise of all! In a separate airconditioned shed, the best collection of aquatic dinosaur fossils we have ever seen. All had been collected in the area by an enthusiastic local and displayed amazingly well. Te best thing was that these ARE the bones and not replicas, as depicted in so many other large museums!

The town also boasted a large sporting complex, complete with 25m swimming pool, all for a population of just 300 people! Wide clean streets with emus and brolgas calmly walking down the main thoroughfare.

We made use of the pool before finding a spot for the night. Our campsite in Boulia was on green grass!! All watered by the sub artesian bore. It was here that we were privileged to see the Cloncurry Parrot!

The drive to the next town, Boudarie was through countryside as depicted...
A lookout on the way, shows the dryness and massive expanses of flat desert, channel country.

Bedourie, also is an oasis in the desert. Very friendly people, very quiet and tranquil. Here for $10 we had a camp, (no other campers) free use of washing machines and free use of the artesian spa and 25m pool complex (again no one else taking advantage of this wonderful facility).

The old building are open to allow you to see into them.

Old Trackers Cottage

Old Police Barracks

We enjoyed dinner in the lovely old dining room of the more than 100 year old hotel. All still in original condition!


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