Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lawn Hill NP Gorge Camping Area

Stunning very arid without the shade of Adels Grove. More of the gorge is apparent as you approach the entrance to the Lawn Hill NP.


As you can see we needed to put up the awning to give us some protection from the sun.

Here is the reason why this is a must see part of the world. The the Lawn Hill Creek which feeds into the Gregory River is fed year round by springs high in calcium carbonate, which give the green tinge to the crystal clear water.
Keeping cool is the order of the day, with temperatures in the high 30's. So lots of dips and simming and bobbing around on old car inner tubes.
Last night we went for a dip and saw three turtles simming at out feet. We also saw one of the pre-historic turtles that live here and nowhere else. These look like stones with stone shaped heads.
Up before dawn allowed us to walk the Island Stack walk at first light. The sun makes the rocks glow as t first hits them. Later they are brown.

The walk gives you wonderful glimpses of the river and gorge.



The rocks here were formed under the sea, so here you can clearly see the ripples left in the rock from the lapping of the waves on the shore.

Canoeing on the Gregory River after a big breakfast was delight.

We paddled as far as we could including porting the boat passed the above cascades. This portage is necessary to protect the tefu calcifications. Then we arrived at the spot where the spring water rushes out of the ground.

Our own private swimming hole.


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