Monday, September 2, 2013

Fruit Bat Falls and Loyalty Beach

The road north from Bramwell Junction Station to the Jardine Ferry, lived up to its reputation for being horribly corregated!

We had booked with Queensland National Parks to have a camping permit for Eliot Falls. We decided to visit Fruit Bat Falls on the way. Fruit Bat Falls is truly beautiful!

It is one of the few places where you can swim!

We had been told that Eliot Falls was equally as beautiful to swim in, so we were really looking forward to our evening's camp. We turned off onto the Old Telegraph Track, which degenerated into a worse than goat track!! A creek crossing before entry to Eliot Falls meant a metre deep of water needed to be crossed before the camp. Again we didn't want to risk our vehicles. So we pushed on to Seisia. Shame about the swim! There was no information re road conditions or accessability from QNP! We met numerous people who had also booked campsites and found that they couldn't get in!!!

QNP really need to update their camp permit information and the ability for travellers like us to access their website.

This meant that we pushed had to push onto the Jardine ferry crossing and then on to Bamaga and Seisia. The corregations from Bramwell Junction Roadhouse to the Jardine Ferry were bone jolting. Each rut of the corregation was 80 -100mms deep. The road hadn't been graded for six weeks, but the constant traffic and especially those travelling with trailers of some kind had cut the road to pieces. We did 260klms this day.

After looking at the camping opportunities at both Seisia and Loyaty Beach, we decided that Loyalty Beach was a better bet. Here we had a beach frontage site.




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