Thursday, September 19, 2013

Riversleigh and Mt Isa

Travelling on the road to Riversleigh World Heritage area, we passed a group of ringers mustering a mob of cattle on the Riversleigh Station. We told the what a pleasure it was to see real people on real horses doing the muster rather than a helicopter. But the lead ringer pointed up into the sky and there was the helicopter!!

We stopped to visit the fossil Site D, part of Riversleigh World Heritage Site with Naracoorte in SA, famous for the largest collection of land based mammal fossils anywhere. The fossils found in these two sites show the changes and development of Australian bird and marsupial species to what they are today.

Martingales nesting in the information "hut".

A plaques depicting images of some of he animal fossils found in this region.

The bones are clearly visible in the limestone. This is the leg bone of a very large emu-like bird.

View from the Riversleigh site lookout, looking over the Gregory River floodplain.

Further along the road we crossed the Gregory River, an amazing freshwater source in the middle of great aridness.

Our stop at Mt Isa, was a bit of luxury! An ensuite bathroom camping site!

Mt Isa was looking tired and dusty this time, having had no rain for a very long time.


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