Thursday, September 26, 2013

Leigh Creek

Very well designed

Leigh Creek is a coal mining town below Maree. Leigh Creek was moved from its original location, about thirty years ago, so it is very well planned and set out and has much the same feel as Canberra.

We arrived on a Sunday to find not much open, not even the fuel station. Fortunately the pub was open and we were directed to the community-run camping area. We needed to stay to be able to re-stock with fruit and vegetables and to re-fuel.

The flies were awful, so the camp kitchen was a great place to which escape. We ended up having dinner at the pub - a delicious meal of Moroccan Lamb Salad!

The woman behind the bar told us that the Flinders Ranges were the greenest they had been in 10 years and because they had had so much rain, the flies had also become impossible.

The camp host, later that night went around to each camp with a severe weather alert for strong winds!


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