Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bramwell Junction Station

Again we arrived early in the afternoon. There was only one other camper there. The host indicated towards the couple and said, "We have Ron Moon staying with us". We looked blank, so he asked us whether we knew of his guide books. Again we didn't know what he was talking about. It seemed the other campers did, as they all milled around him, when they knew he was in camp!

The next morning, Peter and I decided to take a look at the Old Telegraph Track. So we left table and chairs with a note for Don, should he arrive before we came back.

This what we saw as the first creek crossing! This is Palm Creek Crossing! What you can't see in the picture, is the height, which was about 15 meters down to the deep mud at the bottom!

This was the second alternative!

We decided we liked our car and camper too much to risk breaking either or both of them in the creek crossing attempt. And this is only the first crossing on the Old Telegrah Track!

We had heard that this particular crossing was particularly challenging, so decided to look further ahead atbthe next part of the old route. Some fifty kms further took us down the track to the Heathland Rangers' Station and then some way down towards the Old Telegraph Track. We could see that the heathlands was on fire right where we needed to go.

So we turned around and went back to Bramwell Junction Station. Nearly there, when we sighted Don by the side of the road!

We had dinner, that night at the station as it was BBQ night, cooked by the station cook.

We took over a small shelter, much to the annoyance of some campertrailer owners!



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