Sunday, August 25, 2013

Port Douglas

Palm Cove - photo just for Robin and Geoff!! This is just to prove that we dropped in to all the beach resort areas north of Cairns! The entire beach front area is filled with resorts, nhotels and eateries of one type or another. Very busy - lots of people everywhere! Most things; restaurants and accommodation; fully booked !

On to Port Douglas, where we had booked a unit with Don and Jan for three nights!

Our unit was on the way in to Port Douglas. This is a VERY tourist town, whose sole business is to provide entertainment to the visitors. Jance wanted some luxuries, so had a massage at one of the spas.

A trip on the Lady Douglas was fun. Here we travelled up the tidal river to view the resident crocs and birds. Many boats moor in here to be protected from storms and cyclones.

We did see two female crocs and some raptures as well as a pair of Pauan Frogmouths.

We took the afternoon tour ending with amagnificent sunset.

Just to prove we are still alive.......

Port Douglas was rather too touristy for Peter and my liking!


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