Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Granite Gorge Nature Park

A magnificent drive through the Atherton tableland meant that we saw some beautiful vistas and wonderful green valleys.

A visit to a local dairy farm ensured new supplies of yoghurt and cheese. these farmers have "valued added" to their income by making and selling cheeses, chocolates, milk products from a factory outlet on their farm using their own product.

Many farms in the area have chosen to do the same value adding to the product. Mango wineries, coffee planations tours etc are the go for many enterprising farmers.

We booked a night in Ganite Gorge Nature Park and found a beautiful campsite away from everyone else, where we could have a campfire. Granite Gorge Nature Park is an 86 hectare property that includes a spectacular granite gorge with mountain stream cascading down it. Here the Mareeba rock wallabies come out every evenng onto the rock faces to eat. It is a great drawcard for international tourists as they are allowed to be fed on macropod pellets available from the kiosk.

Unfortunately it had drawn to it some truly disgusting French tourists. A family of five; mum, dad, two young girls of about 7 and 8 and a toddler. This family had no boundaries in terms of modifying behaviour or awareness of others. Not only were they loud and unaware of space with others, the girls who had been sitting on the loo, pooing, came over to the handbasin where I was already washing my hands and put their hands on top of mine to wash them! In the morning mum laid the toddler on the communal kitchen table took of his VERY dirty nappy and placed it in the bathrooms. A dump bin outside was ignored. Dad went through the park ripping up wood, takng his girls with him, so that he could light a campfire. Not a good example of how to look after a very delicate eco-system!



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