Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archer River Roadhouse

At Kalpowar we cooked our own roast chicken in the Dutch oven, together with roast potatoes, sweet potato and pumpkin.

The road to Archer River Roadhouse had been newly graded so was a pleasure to drive on. We arrived early and could have ordered dinner then, but hamburgers at $17 a pop seemed a little extreme! So we made use of the laft over chicken and made a really lovely fried rice, again in the Dutch oven.

We arrived to find a brigade of tractors already at the campsite. There were 12 tractors of either Harry Fergusson or Massey Ferguson brand and all more than 45 years old. Eight cars were accompanying these tractors as they made their way up to the Cape and back from Cooktown. They were now on their way back, having lined up the tractors at Cape York and taking photos of themselves. One chap played Advance Australia on his bagpipes. They were as pleased as punch with themselves. They averaged 100klms per day, and at 16klms per hour, that meant gruelling days.

This chap was 77. He kept everything he needed in his converted oil heater container!

Next morning we decided to go back into the National Park to view some WWI relics. The road again here was excellent, but Don unfortunately had a puncture, so this necessitated a hasty retreat to Weipa. We went onto Bramwell Junction Station to wait for his return.



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