Sunday, August 25, 2013


The drive along the Bloomfield Track was interesting as there were a number of water crossings. None of the road was difficult and could easily be driven along in a normal two wheel dive vehicle.
The weather continued to be rainy all the wy through the rainforest. We passed some magnificent peaks and outlooks. This truly is where "the forest meets the sea"! One of my "bucket list" items!
We stopped many times to take photos of this unique area and took some of the many walks including the one to Wujal Wujal. A resident croc in the Annan River was five meters plus!!
Wujal Wujal Falls

Black Mountain, just before Cooktown is fascinating! Lava spill ccurred under the ground and then over the millenia the clay has eroded away leaving the black basalt rock behind. This in tirn has been fragmented by rain and sun into blocks of rock randomly strewn over the landscape. Native figs somehow manage to survive in a no soil zone, by plunging thgeir roots deep into the crevices to seek out water and nutrients.



On arrival at Cooktown, our first stop was a local caravan park, for a cabin for the night, and a place to dry out the mattress, all the bedding and most of the clothes and towels.

In just 100 kilometers, the scenery had changed from dense rainforest to dry savannah scrubland!


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