Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lync Haven

On arrival at Mossman a big laundry wash was required. Lovely coffee in the cafe next door.


The crossing of the Daintree River, some little way out of Mossman is by ferry. A dim view of people getting out of their vehicals is taken by the ferry staff. A very good reason for this is the very large resident crocs!!

Our first night in the Daintree was at Lync Haven Resort, it has a small camping ground which had few other campers on the first night. We stayed here for two nights allowing us to explore some of the interesting sights offered in the local area.

The resort has its own resident salt water crocodile, which is fed every morning by the owner, Scott. This is Doris, who was first called Boris in mistaken identity. She had been owned by a pet store and outgrew her pen.

Humidity is extremely high in the Daintree, so when it came to closing up to visit the boardwalks and discovery centre, the tarpalin was already damp.
We walked most of the boardwalks and then went to the Daintree Discovery Centre, which was sensational! A descriptive and informative audio accompanies you on the walk to give you an interpretive understanding of all aspects of the rainforest and its eco system.
A cyclone proof tower allows you to see all levels of the forest. The forest is very dense and the colours of the flowers change the higher up the canopy you go. Many of the trees produce fruit of some kind which depends upon the cassowary to eat it, walk away with the seed in its gut and deposit the seed in compost somewhere else. The cassowary range for foraging is about 70 hectares.
We sighted no evidence of real cassowaries despite peering for them everywhere. We met some visitors that had met with them on some of the boardwalks.
The dampness and humidity increases dramatically when it rains. This happened on the second, third and fourth nights.
We moved to Jungle Lodge at Cape Tribulation, for nights three and four. Here we booked a snorkling trip off Mackay Reef.
We snorkled in the rain. On return it took many hours to get warm again despite having worn wetsuits for the two hours spent in the water.


A wet and miserable campsite!!


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