Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Don and Janice pushed on to Cooktown for a night of luxury in a renovated Queenslander B&B. We ambled on through the tableland dropping in on various establishments and admiring the scenery.

On impulse, Peter decided to visit Jaques Coffee Plantation. He wanted to see how the coffee is mechanically picked in Australia. We learned that the owners of the property were ex-Tanzanians from Arusha who had had a coffee farm on the slopes of Kilamanjaro. So we went to introduce ourselves and met Nat and Linda Jaques, who were most hospitable and invited us into their home to give us some local knowledge about travelling and camping on the Cape.

Our camp that night was in Kuranda in the rainforest.

It was a futile try to get tickets on the Skyrail leading down to Cairns from Kuranda as a cruise ship had pulled into Cairns and booked up every available ticket for two days.

So we drove down the mountain to the sea and on to Port Douglas. This photo is taken from the outlook on the road going down the mountain.


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