Friday, August 2, 2013

Bundaberg and Miara

By this time it was the weekend. The weather still continued to be windy, wet and cold, the Queenslanders were out in force for the weekend. So Fraser Island, hopefully will occur on the way back!

Janice booked a tour of the Bundaberg Rum Factory. This was fun. Peter and Don enjoyed the tastings, especially the licqueur rum! The smells reminded Sue of Uganda and the smells that wafted from the sugar factory over to the tea estate!

Interestingly neither Peter or Don purchased anything there!!

Again it was quite late before arriving at our next campsite - a small fishing enclave called Miara. We were a little daunted by the numbers of permanent dwellings (steel plus canvas) adorning the entire area. As it was almost dark by the time we arrived we had little choice but to stay!

It turned out that almost no one was in residence so it turned out to be very quiet and very lovely. Again we had waterfront positions!


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