Sunday, August 25, 2013


Life at the mango farm is simple and Neil and Deb make the most of everything they have! They would be people who leave not carbon footprint as they recycle reuse everything. They use used frying oil to run their cars, pumps and generator. The generator is only used once a week for the washing!

This is a photo f their house from where you arrive!

Here are Neil and Deb with one of the four WoOFers having dinner.

This old stove not only helps heat the water but Deb made a delicious Chocolate birthday cake in it for one of the WOOFers.

The walls of the house are made from hessian coated in a cement slurry. Deb told us the house cost $900 to build!

Deb and Neil grow mangoes, mostly, but also habean intensive crop of tumeric, that is sold directly to the testaurants and eating houses in Melbourne and Sydney. They are now trialling red Galengal as well as ginger as these fresh spices are highly desirable in the southern cities.

Our two days with them was very relaxed and lovely. I helped dig a new garden bed and planted out some vegetable seedlngs for Deb.

On our last day, Sunday, it was the day off, so Neil and Deb took us to Mount Lewis National Park. The turn off is very well hidden and not known by any other than locals so we felt very privileged. We travelled behind Neil's new vehicle melling of fish and chips the entire way in a pristine rain forest!


Neil showed us where the Red Frog tadpoles live. They are at least five inches long!!

Mount Lewis is the mountain directly behind their property, do the WOoFers walked back down the mountain to the property, a walk of some further four hours.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Deb and Neil's and hope to make a return visit after our trip to the cape! Thank you for a lvely time Deb and Neil!!


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  1. It's a beautiful part of the world up there and it is good to hear that some people are taking the necessary steps to save it. Love the stove!