Monday, August 19, 2013

Undara Lava Tubes

From Greenvale to Undara was not a long drive, so after a late start we arrived around midday. No tours of the lava tubes were available until next day. We chose the "active" walkers tour for the following morning.

After selecting our camp for the night we went to Kalkani Crater for a walk up the side and around the rim of the crater. From here we could see the amazing panorama of past craters and their lava spills.

We lunched at the picnic site below the walk in a lovely shaded area.

Early next day we set off on our tour. A bus takes you into the private tracks leading to the tubes. We hadn't really believed the reception when they indicated that the tour we were on was for active walkers until we were led down tracks containing huge boulders over which we had to clambe and balance. One tube had us crawling through on our bottoms into the dark cavern within and down loose boulder rubble leading to the cave bottom. We had to scramble out the same way we had come in - quite a challenge!

The lava tubes are a wonderous sight! Awe inspiring!



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