Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Two wonderful days were spent on Sapphire and Rubyvale. Fossicking has proven to be great fun, with a few sapphires to prove it! Nothing big but enough to get facetted!

The Sapphire caravan park was an unexpected delight. Discreet sites, very quiet with amazing facilities! The best ever camp kitchen and barbeque areas were equipped with everything that opens and shuts.


This is the camp kitchen!!

Both Janice and I fossicked for sapphires at a mine set up for the purpose! Janice found 5 worth cutting and I found 3! We had them cut overnight. They lok beautiful! Jacice had 2 of hers set in rings. One is a parti-coloured stone and the other a very rare yellow! 2 of mine are blue and the third a blue/pink! It was such a buzz to find our own!


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