Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Carnavon Gorge

Carnavon Gorge is spectacular!!

As we were relatively close, a trip to visit this wonder of nature was a "must" see!

We were not disappointed! The National Park is only open during Qld school holidays, so we stayed at Takarakka Nature Resort. Very crowded in the powered sites area, but not where we were placed in the non- powered camper sites.

A long strenuous walk of 14 odd kilometers meant that we saw most of what the gorge had to offer. Some of it is up ladders and stairs, so the knees were given quite a work out!


The moss gardens are constanly fed by dripping water, leaking out of the sheer rock face. The rain in central Queensland seeps through the sandstone and limestone until it hits a layer of shale, which prevents it from seeping further down. This is trapped in the artesian water course, which is used over much of Australia. Here at Caravon the water comes out in the form of springs because the sedimentary rock is cracked and crazed.

Below is a grove of cycads or Warwangs! They towered over us! Amazing!

Bird nests clung to rocks and trees. A very lush place in the middle of aridness!!


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