Monday, August 12, 2013

Teresa Creek Dam

From Caravon Gorge we travelled to Teresa Creek Dam. On first appearances it looked far too crowded for our taste. But after having driven around it a bit, we discovered a very secluded spot right beside the water.

It was very peaceful, with huge varieties of bird life!

Tiredness was a problem for us all so this became a 3 night stay.


The first day, there, Janice and I went to town to do a much needed laundry run. We discovered that the local hotel had a courtesy bus and would collect us and return us back to the campsite, some 22 klms from town, providing we had 6 people on the bus. In the laundry we met some other campers who also decided that this would be a good idea. So at 5:30pm the bus came to take us to the local watering hole, where we had a respectable meal!



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