Saturday, August 3, 2013

Byfield National Park

Just north of Yepoon is the Byfield National Park. We had to deal with Parks Queensland again!!! This is an impossible organisation to deal with! In order to stay in any Qld national park, you have to make a prior booking. The booking service is unavailable on line due tone antiquated nature ofntheir "new" internet website! So after having phoned to make the booking, some 45 minutes later we had a spot. However, when we were travelling to our destination, we discovered that it was going to be an additional 50 klms of highly difficult, four wheel drive only, and in the dark travel. So we asked QNP to change the booking! Impossible was the reponse, because the system won't let us!!! Another booking was required but without recompense for the previous money already spent!

The campsite we chose was beautiful under tall palm trees and some kind of pine.



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