Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gravel pit - Tanami/Tilmouth Wells

We love Lake Stretch and thought two nights camping and relaxing by the water would be good. We arrived at Billaluna to buy our permit to enter Aboriginal land, to find not a soul about! We drove to the rangers house, when we found both the community store and CEO office closed, to find this all locked up too. We saw no one! The town was a mess, looked abandoned!

On the door of the CEO's office, we eventually saw a notice to say that "tonight is men's night, meet at Lake Stretch for kangaroo tail stew at 5:00pm." No day or date on the notice, so we had to assume that is was this night and that women were probably not welcome! This posed some dilemma for us, should we risk staying or move on? Fortunately we were not dependent upon purchasing diesel from the store, as we had enough fuel to get us through to Tilmouth Wells. So we decided to push on.

The road had deteriorated somewhat since our drive across it some six and a half weeks earlier, but was still solid underneath. It just meant a slower, more jolting journey.

Nightfall was setting in when we eventually found a suitable turn off from the main road, some short distance from the Granite Mines. This was into a now disused gravel quarry. Clean, with no one about and us hulking behind the deep edge, so that we couldn't be seen from the main road.

This time the desert was in bloom. Wildflowers were everywhere as were very small finches, honey eaters and wrens. It turned out to be a delightful place to stay for the night.

The road after the mine leading to Tilmouth Wells is rutted and sandy and unpleasant. So after being jolted around for the past two days, we decided to stop driving early and spend the rest of the day at Tilmouth Wells. Here we used the swimming pool.



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