Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mt Hart Wilderness Camp

King Leopold Ranges Conservation Park (Woonamur) is situated on the south western edge of the Kimberley Plateau and you have the opportunity to explore and camp in a wilderness environment with stunning waterholes, dramatic escarpments and spectacular waterfalls incluing Bell and Lennard gorges.

The King Leopold Ranges are 560 million years old. It consists of craggy ridges and escarpments that include sedimentary formations of sandstone and granite rock strata, with unusual black riges of loose boulders.

We took the road into Lennard Gorge, with the view to walkng to it. The walk to Lennard gorge was ardous and very hot, I went by myself. It meant a rough walk along a boulder strew creek bed and then a very long and steep climb over a ridge, along the ridge and down the other side.

The host at Mt Hart were wonderful, Julie and Bob. They made us feel like treasured friends. Such a lovely experience. We were treated to a viewing of the old homestead, which reminded us ver mch of the homes in outback Kenya, where whatever was available loacally, was used to build your home. In this case lcal rock created the sitting area overlooking that the Barker River.

At the campsite we were greated by Graham and Kay and again made to feel very welcome. We had the best campsite in the shade roght beside the river, where we could plunge from time to time.

A highlight was to view a Red Backed Fairy Wren on the track back from Annie Pool.

Barker River Pools

Annie Pool

Giant Boab/Fig





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