Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We love Mornington and chose to spend four nights here, so that we could take the exclusive canoe trip up the Sir John Gorge. Only one canoe is allowed on the gorge per day, so you have the whole place to yourselves.

The first day we spent at Dimond Gorge and then Cadjeput Waterhole, where we swam. Not a soul about so we took the opportunity to skinny dip, as we have in many places. It is nearly the end of the tourist season, so places are emptying fast! There are very few visitors left.

The next day was very slow, we swapped camp sites, closer to water and bbq facility and did a much needed laundry session - all by hand.

We then ventured out to Bluebush Waterhole, to find that the only place easily accessible to swimming had been taken over by a group of young people. So we went back to Cadjeput Waterhole, where a busload of tourists and a group of seven tag-along drivers were enjoying the water. We found another spot some distance away and again enjoyed our swim (this time with bathers!)

The third day was our adventure into Sir John Gorge. We set off with a hamper, prepared by the wilderness camp's restaurant. This day proved to be exhausting!

We had been assured that the walks between each water hole to retrieve the next canoe were on flat rock ridges. This proved to be far from the truth. The signage was almost non existent and the walks were over boulders often taller than me!

Photos can do more justice than my words........


We felt quite exhilarated with our accomplishment at the end of the day.




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