Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kununurra and Lake Argyle

A laundry stop became a matter of priority, we were down to our last pair of undies. Fresh supplies was also a priority, so we headed to Kununurra.

This is great town, full of friendly people with heaps to see and do whilst there. We stayed in a local caravan park and early next morning went to visit some of Kununurra's highlights.

First stop was the Hoochery, a whisky and rum factory. Our favourite was a magnificent, smooth aniseed rum. The owners grow their own aniseed with which to flavour the licquer. The aniseed is brewed with the rum and the final product is a clear, brigh green spirit - delicious!

Next stop was the Sandlewood Factory. Acres and acres of Indian Sandlewood is grown in the Ord River irigation area. TFS not only own acres of sandlewood, but also manage the acres of other growers. We didn't know that sandlewood required a host tree on which to grow. So between each tree a host tree is planted.

We also visited the Zebra Rock Gallery, which produces artifacts and items out of rock called Zebra rock due to the very vivid stripes contained in it. A visit to Oria Orchards provided us with much needed fresh produce.

At the campsite in Kununurra we met a charming couple, Ray and Craig from Nhulumbouy. They were having a much needed rest from their jobs at the bauxite mine and were taking small trips from a " home" base in Kununurra to places of interest around. We really enjoyed their company.

Lake Argyle. Here we spent one night enjoying the scenery. We went back to Kununurra after this so we could get up early for our flight to the Mitchell Falls.

Hydro scheme at Lake Argyle, near Ord River dam wall.



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