Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Many people suggested that Wyndham was not worth visiting. It is indeed a dusty town and boasts the highest average temperatures in Australia including Marble Bar. We enjoyed our visit, despite the fact that everything was closed.

The Once-a-year races were on the day we went resulting in a RBT, on the edge of town.

A "must do" is to go to the Five Rivers Lookout. Here you can see, on land, what we had seen from the air, the five great rivers of the north east Kimberley; the Durack, the King, the Ord; The Pentecost and Forrest Rivers merging and then flowing into Cambridge Gulf, creating a massive wetland and gulf.

Below the lookout it was possible to see the Old port with its now defunct meat works and croc farm.

We drove to Three Mile Creek to find it burnt out with not much to see.

On the Wyndham Jetty a young aboriginal man had caught a massive catfish weighing at least sixkls on a handline. The struggling fish had made the fishing line cut into the man's fingures.





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