Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kurunjie Track

Two young women, we had met at Lake Stretch highly recommended doing the Kurunjie Track. After visiting Digger's Rest Station, we drove through the gate onto the track. This track takes you through several private properties, including Digger's Rest and El Questro and around the northern and western sections of the Cockburn Ranges.

This proved to be a stunning visual experience, with the afternoon sun shining on the Cockburn Ranges. Deep reds, orange and purple hues highlighted the massive cliff faces and as we passed very closely to this massive rock formation it was awe inspiring.

The track involved driving along part of the King River Road, across salt and mud flats. The track was not that well marked and is not maintained, but for the most part was a fairly reasonable road.
Whilst only about 65 klms it took most of the day. The track ends at the Pentecost River crossing. We were delighted that we had taken this route.

A camp at Home Valley Station was the resting place for that night.








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