Friday, August 1, 2014


From Boulia, we took the Donaghue/Plenty Highway across the northern part of the Simpson Desert. The landscape became drier and more barren the further west we drove.

This area has received no rainfall for the past 2 years and was then burnt out in bushfires.

So by the time we had reached the halfway mark and pulled into to Jervois Station, we felt morally obliged to stay on the property, just to assist the farmer with our $15 camp fee. As it turned out, it had great showers which helped clear the red dust from us and excellent barbeques where you could light a fire for cooking and warmth.

Moving towards Alice Springs the desert started to become greener. The area surrounding Alice, has just has 2" of rain. So we look forward to our Tanami trip.

The reason for coming into Alice Springs was the 40,000klms service was due on the vehicle. Halls Creek were unable to help and we thought that the closer we came to the mining areas the harder it would be for a service to be done and would result in a very long wait.

The service was done yesterday and we walked through the Todd Mall admiring the extraordinary Western Desert Aboriginal artworks! One particular gallery struck a chord with us because the work in it was exceptional. This was the Pupunya Tula Gallery. One work in particular by a Grace somebody was the greatest attraction. All the work was done on Belgium linen with Matisse paints.


Sturt Desert peas growing in the median strip of the Stuart Highway just outside the Toyota dealership.


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