Monday, July 18, 2011

Coward Springs

Coward Springs is beautiful! It is a real oasis in the desrt! We found a dry spot to set up camp and then went to visit the engine driver's house which has been made into a small museum. The owners live in the old Station Master's house. Both buildings very old, made out of sandstone blocks. Unlike many of the other old Ghan railway building, which are all now in ruins, these two have been renovated and lok very impressive in their oasis surroundings. The artesian basin reaches the surface in this part of the outback, so there are many natural springs and thermal pools. A small pool has been created here where the artesian water comes to the surface. We both took a dip, despite the mud and the cold air temperature. Warm showers are available here by lighting the fire under a large water container, which feeds the showers. We loved this place. Everything constructed from disused and abandoned materials and objects collected from the old Ghan railway. So the building for the toilets and showers made from old sleepers. Hooks to hang towels etc made from ceramic insulators. Bird life everywhere as well as large shady trees!

Next morning we left because we were very concerned we main get rained in!

The Oonadata track from Coward Springs was wet in some places, mostly river crossings and floodays, but generally hard underneath, o the drive was relatively smooth. On leaving Coward Springs we drove to William Creek, where we believed we could catch a flight over Lake Ayer. Unfortunately our trip this area has coincided with the South Australian school holidays, so none available there! We were told flights would be available from Coober Pedy. But again no luck! They were all booked out for the whole week!
so we continued our journey. We hope maybe to do this flight from somewhere on the way back!

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