Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night when we parked the truck, the clutch started to slip and made a terrible smell. It only had to back up and over a very small bump! So just to be on the safe side we drove into Port Augusta to have it checked out. We had to wait until after lunch where the local RAA mechanic test drove the vehicle and put a camera into the clutch to make sure it was safe. So we haven't got far today. We are in the very picturesque village of Hawker - beautiful old sandstone buildings and houses and the start to the Flinders Ranges.

It rained solidly all night and everything is very, very wet. Vehicles coming into Hawker from further north are covered in mud! Some roads are closed. We hope that by tomorrow the rain will ease off enough for us to explore this beautiful area. The clouds are really low, so not much can be seen. Flights over Wilpena Pound were cancelled due to foul weather.

We haven't yet figured out how to share any photos as the blog obviously runs on " flash" and iPad doesn't do flash. Also tried to download to Facebook - but again not able to. Still have to work out where my contacts are in googlemail.

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  1. Hope the smelling clutch has been repaired with something more appropriate than air freshener!