Friday, July 1, 2011

Kimberley trip

Peter and I have purchased a secondhand slide on camper. We are currently packing it ready for a long safari to the Kimberley coast. We have booked a camping cruise with One Tide that leaves from Derby on August 4. We will travel first to Melbourne for the kid's birthdays. then we will go to Adelaide to have along range fuel tank installed before heading off to the Flinders Ranges. We intend to travel to Maree, along the Oonadatta track to William Creek, having first visited the shores of Lake Ayer. We hope to catch a plane to view the lake from above before traveling on to Alice Springs;Tanami Track; Halls Creek and on to Derby.

We hope to be able to keep an account of out travels on this blog. but as it will be written on an iPad, we'll see how successful that will be. It will depend on operator ability and Internet acces!

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  1. So far so good! The test will happen when I need to add photos!