Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Desert Oak Ranch

We drove out of Kata Tjuta National Park after our big walk yesterday, meaning to camp at the meteorite craters. But it got too late, so we reluctantly pulled into Desert Oak Ranch. It turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Everything was spotless and very well maintained - great showers and green grass!

Today we will stay in Alice Springs in a motel, we think! Time to wash clothes, air damp bedding etc. We need more provisions and a bit of a break.

Yep!,,, a motel!  It took almost 2 hours to remove the mud from the vehicle -well almost all of the mud! Then we refilled with provisions and purchased 2new drink bottles.  We had managed to puncture both our other ones. How we have no idea! 

Dinner at the local club was too much!!!!  GIANT sized schnitzel built for a Titan -Far too much for me! We assured that we could go back for more salad. No way - filled to the brim after only 1/3 of the meal!

We will now be out of touch for some time as we start our travel down the Tanemi Tack tomorrow.


  1. At last I have worked out how to make a comment! The great adventure sounds just that so far, and destined to become more wonderful as you go .... we love reading about it ... and indeed remember walking around Kata Juta many years ago. Stuart sat high on a rocky knoll and played his tin whistle, the sound rebounding beautifully.

  2. The echoes around Kata Tjuta are amazing! We loved it more than Uluru, we we thought was wonderful! The whole place is very spiritual and you have the feeling you are walking with ancient souls!