Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Captain's Epiphany

The Captain’s Epiphany

“I’ve had an epiphany this trip, it’s now as clear as mud to me”,
The Captain stated to the startled crew, unambiguously,
“This twelve day trip’s too short, for all we need to see,
And poor old Alex isn’t up to it, he’s not as good as he used to be,
This younger generation are a bunch of fairies, they’re all bullshit and bluff,
He only works from dawn to dark, and that’s hardly good enough”,
I’m quite direct in my approach, as you all can plainly see,
So I told him straight to sharpen up, and that’s no hyperbole”,
Alex, like a bot-fly, moved fast through every chore,
Anxious for some time alone with the punters on the shore,
We were always nice to him, and he returned in kind,
We reckon he’s the boat’s best mate, and perhaps the captain’s blind,
All day long they sparred and joked through the waters of the Kimberley,
Captain Greg, Alex the mate, Paul, and the very nice Sandy.

Ian Bidstrup

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