Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Moons With A View

Two Moons with a View

Big moon, shone on the boat all night, it was really bright, until the morning light ,
I think I snored a bit.
Into Silver Gull we sailed, the folks there had it nailed, the life outside had failed,
To impress them much.
Their welcome was sincere, I think they like it here, they seldom shed a tear,
For the wider world.
White T shirt and blue underpants, I’d wear ‘em to a dance, don’t ever get a chance,
I’d rather watch the stars.
Floral loose shift dress, rolling smokes impress, I like them I confess,
I hope you like my plants.
We came to live in peace, tourists never cease, to bugger up our lives,
We like to sell them things.
If you’d like a swim feel free to use the tank, to be really frank, we need the cash to bank,
To live here as we like.
Don’t have to impress, or to have formal dress, I know the place’s a mess,
I don’t really care.
We made a garden in the rocks, and have no need for socks, the outside world’s a pox,
We really like the space.
Marion makes things to sell, she really does it well, as you can probably tell,
I make my own home brew.
We grew a white Kimberley rose, on rocks we’ve often stubbed our toes, the moon at night it glows,
The place is as we want.
We have a short term lease, the authorities never cease, to upset our lives and peace,
I wish they’d all piss-off.
Please sign the visitors book, hope you like the things you’ve took, have a casual look,
Hope you understand.
We keep in touch with things, the satellite dish it brings, news and what people sings,
We’re not all alone.
Have you ever used a bog like ours, you could sit on it for hours,into the bay it showers,
Through a big white pipe.
We see who comes and goes, the waters ebb and flows, in rocks the garden grows,
We’d like to die right here.
If they try to move us out, we’ll give a hue and shout, it’s not what we’re about,
Thanks for signing the petition.
You’ve seen a Kimberley moon or two, we’ll show you what we do, when you shoot through,
Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay.
Two moons, we saw them wave goodbye, it was the old brown eye,easy to see why,
They liked it here.

Ian Bidstrup   15-8-2010

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