Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Music of The Woodcutters

Music of the Woodcutters

In a relaxed and sleepy manner enhanced by beer and wine,
We all fell asleep together, and started snoring all in time,
I thought that Les was faking it, then Peter gave a grunt,
Allan and John then scored a double and were clearly out in front,
My breathing was quite peaceful, in my mouth I had a thing,
Although sometime through the night removed it and my vocal chords began to sing,
It would be quite improper to try and score the girls,
But it sounded at times much like their tonsils were unfurled,
The crew had used their influence and camped upon the bow,
If they managed any sleep at all it has me wondering how,
At last the light of dawn appeared and the night of hell was past
But I fear that last night’s entertainment on the deck wont be the last.

Ian Bidstrup  

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