Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dribbling in The Wind

I’m quite fond of other company and a social kind of chap,
But it’s really been a long time since with friends I’ve shared a nap,
There’s usually just the two of us together through the night,
To cuddle and to whisper, and to sometimes hold too tight,
So to sleep aboard was some adventure, all together on the deck,
I lay awake for sometime wondering whose hands were ‘round my neck,
I was very careful and chose a spot to sleep along the lee,
‘cause I often have a problem keeping wind inside of me,
So I lay still on my swag, rolled out along the deck,
But my tummy started rumbling so I thought well what the heck,
With some feeling of compassion I let out quite a blast,
And those passengers still standing held on tightly to the mast,
Although the tune I played was difficult and I didn’t know the proper key,
It was a passable rendition of the trumpet “voluntree”,
To pass the long wee hours as my ship-mates sought relief,
I kept a silent log of those who almost came to grief,
I could hear them creeping ‘round the decks as silent as a mouse,
Then quietly descending steps to the downstairs little house,
You can see by this sick record of those who through the dark hours pee,
That I get some crude delight in seeing who can outlast me.

Ian Bidstrup

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