Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Captain's Swag

The Captain’s Swag

“Where’s me bloody swag” he said, “some mongrels been on board”,
He stood alone on the upper deck, howled and cursed and roared,
“I need to get some sleep tonight or I’ll cut you all adrift”,
How we loved to picture him without a swag and bloody miffed,
We sat upon the shore and watched the boat, all lit up like a town,
“If I don’t find my swag” he said, “I’ll leave you all to drown”,
“Paul’s the bloody culprit”, he roared in vulgar loud dispatches,
As he stomped around the deck, opening all the ship’s closed hatches,
We sat around the fire and drank, slowly getting pissed,
And didn’t give a bugger for the swag the Captain missed.

Ian Bidstrup

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